This year edition of the Italian SuperMatch international championship took place in Brescia, the beautiful city placed in the north of Italy.

The competition was attended by 225 competitors, from 10 countries and also had in schedule 3 Vendettas organized with the help of PAL-USA represented by Anna Mazurenko, who worked closely with the Italian Federation (S.B.F.I.) President Claudio Rizza and his team to build a great championship.

The day was opened with the referees seminar, attended by all the Italian referees and everybody who wanted to take part, Fulvio Menegazzo the Italian Head Referee and Katia Crucitti WAF Master Referee are being great examples on how to build a team of referees, always have been a pleasure to work with them. The competition was held at 3 tables, both left and right arm, 10 referees being available non stop and for the Vendettas also joined us WAF Master Referee Ivan Gregoricka from Slovakia. The referees did a good job, having no protests at all, in a championship that lasted 8 hours.

The climax of the competition was built on the 5 round Vendettas between:

Monica Pedoglia (Italy) vs Henrietta Barzso (Hungary) – 0-5

Manuel Battaglia (Italy) vs Sabin Badulescu (Romania) – 0-5

Ermes Gasparini (Italy) vs Michael Todd (USA) – 2-3

The matches were amazing; especially the fight between Ermes Gasparini and Michael Todd was a delight for the crowd who cheered for the Italian champion who showed an awesome fighting spirit and determination against one of the best heavyweights of all time. Both champions gave their last drop of energy for a match to be remembered a long time from now.

Everything Italy does in Armwrestling shows team spirit, passion and responsibility, having a special bond and connection between the officials, competitors and crowd, they all make efforts to develop and grow Armwrestling by putting a great amount of work into their competitions always keeping them at high standards.

Congratulations to them all!

Eduard Dimiean

EAF Assistant Director of Referees