2016 WAF Constitution


2016 WAF Rules


WAF Classification Code


Rules and regulations

World Armwrestling Federation
Rules & Regulations (version 2012)
Technical Rules
Section 1
1.1 – Teams
Must be composed of Members of Country represented. If required, a team member or individual may have to produce any document demanded by WAF to establish proof of his/her nationality to so represent his/her Country. The term “team” for all intents and purpose, will mean all of the categories presented, both left and right arm, both female and male. A team trophy will be awarded, based only on total points accumulated for all categories in both genders. Teams can be broken down to determine points by gender, only to establish ranking of female and male teams from each country. Teams can be further broken down to left and right arm categories, again by gender to further establish rankings. Trophies will only be awarded in these categories if the host country wishes, but only with written permission from WAF.


Table dimensions

Frame size inside dimension
28 inch wide and 19 inch deep.
40 inch’s to the top of the table and 42 inch’s to the top of the elbow pad
44 inch’s to the top of the touch pad
Table top 36 inches X 26 inches hand peg 1 inch round and 6 inches high above the table
Elbow pads 7in X 7in and 2in high
Touch pads 2in X 10in and 4in high