ADAMS – Anti-Doping Administration and Management­ System

ADAMS is developed by WADA, in order to provide a mechanism to assist stakeholders to coordinate anti-doping activities. ADAMS is used by the WAF as the anti-doping clearing house where all data is stored. It permits the sharing of information among WADA, NADOS and NFs and guarantees that anti-doping activities are performed with the highest level of transparency.

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What is ADAMS?

ADAMS is a Web-based database management tool for data entry, storage, sharing, and reporting designed to assist stakeholders and WADA in their anti-doping operations in conjunction with data protection legislation. It supports the result management, the administration of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) and the test distribution planning.

Athletes Whereabouts

Athletes belonging to the WAF Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are obligated to submit detailed information about their whereabouts to the WAF, WADA and the respective National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO). Athletes can also modify their whereabouts by sending email within the time-limits. This information has to be entered into the ADAMS system. Those athletes without internet access may designate a representative (athlete agent) to enter the information for them.

Who shall provide whereabouts and when?

According to the WAF Anti-Doping Rules athletes from the RTP are required to provide whereabouts for the whole year quarterly.

All Athletes who are not RTP Athletes may be requested to submit their whereabouts through ADAMS two months before competing at the European/World Championship! During this period they are considered as international level IRTP Athletes.

The Member Federations are obliged to notify these Athletes about their rights and responsibilities. The letter shall be sent more than two months before the Event to the Athletes by the Member Federations.

Note: The system can be used in many different languages such as English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic, Dutch, Bulgarian, etc. The data within ADAMS is only available to those organizations with authorization in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Program and access rights will be explicitly granted. Only those information/areas relevant to the specific users will be viewable.


Consult the WADA Whereabouts quick reference Card

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TUE Management – Therapeutic Use Exemptions

ADAMS is used by WAF for online management of TUE requests and approvals as well as online notification of those involved in the process. The WAF Committee will handle the TUE application and will inform about the approval or rejection through ADAMS. After approval the system will generate a TUE receipt which can be printed out by the athlete through ADAMS.

WAF TUE Application.pdf


More details about TUE Therapeutic Use Exemptions from WADA



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