WAF Athlete Evaluation Consent Form – Athletes must consent to evaluation by signing a Classification Consent Form to indicate their willingness to be classified and confirm their agreement to provide full effort and cooperation throughout the Classification Process.

Depending on their disabilities, athletes must present a document in English signed and stamped by doctor, proving their disability and giving more details. Athletes can use WAF Classification forms according to the division they compete in:

WAF Medical Form PI – Medical form for athletes with Physical Impairment

WAF Medical Form VI Visual – Medical form for athletes with Visual Impairment

WAF Medical Form HI – Medical form for athletes with Hearing Impairment

WAF Protest Form – Classification protest form as per WAF Classification Code Article 7

IPC BAC Bylaws, IPC BAC Form – IPC Board of Appeal on Classification (BAC) bylaws and Appeal form as specified in the WAF Classification Code Article 8

WAF Classification Code 2022 – The 2016 WAF Classification Code is the core document that harmonies policies and procedures and sets principles for classification that must be applied by all the athletes with disabilities, National Federations and WAF Classification panel Members. Last update October 2022.

WAF Competition RULES 2022 including Para-Armwrestling

WAF Para-Armwrestling Categories 2022