Disciplinary decisions

Update 18.08.2022

Following the Romanian Armwrestling Association notification, the Romanian Sports Club PowerGym Codlea it is “not in good standing” with the official member of WAF, namely Romanian Armwrestling Association.

The suspended Club attended IFA international event representing Romania, violated the WAF Constitution and rules, made public statements regarding affiliation to IFA and practiced competitive activities against the Romanian Armwrestling Association (WAF National Member).

According with the WAF Constitution, “WAF Members disciplinary decisions / actions taken against persons / organizations / companies or events interfering at national or continental level with the WAF Members will extend to all WAF Members and must be considered as a worldwide applicable decision.”

Any attendance into the events organized by the “not in good standing” persons / organizations / companies will be considered violation of disciplinary decisions of WAF or WAF Members.

WAF Executive Board


Update 17.05.2022

By the breach of the WAF anti-doping rules, the WAF Constitution rules and WAF Executive board decision, WAF declare the new formed Federation in Bulgaria a rival organization to the WAF and to the WAF Members interests and suspend the following clubs, their athletes, officials, trainers from any event organized by WAF and / or by WAF Members. Any armwrestling organization in the world who accept (invite) any of the WAF suspended athletes / clubs / officials will create a conflict of interests with WAF.

Bulgarian Clubs suspended:

  • Sports Club CSKA Armwrestling – Sofia
  • Sports Club Armsport Silistra
  • Sports Club Armwrestling Mladost – Sofia
  • Sports Club Dominant – Pleven
  • Sports Club Armwrestling Lokomotiv-96 – Gorna Oreahovita
  • Armsport Club Grizli Bansko
  • Sports Club Titan – Plovdiv
  • Sports Club Gavril Radomir
  • Sports Club Adrenalin – Sofia
  • Sports Club Iron Arm – Pomorie
  • Sports Club David – Yambol
  • Sports Club Spartak – Blagoevgrad
  • Sports Club Bulls Armwrestling Team – Botevgrad
  • Sports Club Armsport – Pirdop



Disciplinary decision

Following multiple violations of the WAF Anti-Doping Rules and the WAF Constitution by the Bulgarian Club CSKA Armwrestling Sofia and another group of clubs, during an unrecognized by the Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation event organized in Bulgaria, end of February,

The WAF Executive Board decided to request the Bulgarian Federation to suspend (withdraw their license and deprive them from their membership rights within the Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation) for 2 two years, at national and international level, the Club CSKA Armwrestling Sofia and any other clubs, organizations and officials who organized or took part in this unrecognized event, including all their athletes and referees.

The Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation must fulfil this request within seven days, otherwise more sanctions could be taken against the whole Bulgarian seniors’ team.

The club and their members violated WAF rules as follows:

– 2 athletes under suspension by the anti-doping Committee, attended the unrecognized event (Mr. Totev Asparuh and Mr. Yonchev Detelin);

– 1 athlete disciplinary suspended due to participation in PAL events, attended the same unrecognized event (Mr. Krasimir Kostandinov).

Additionally, the WAF Anti-Doping committee will extend the suspension of the athletes according with the WAF Anti-Doping Rules.

WAF Referee Panel will take disciplinary actions against the two WAF Referees attending, competing this unrecognized event, and judging the doping-suspended athletes (Mr. Hristo Delidzhakov, Mr. Hristian Tsanov).

WAF continuously fight for a clean and regulated sport.


Krasimir Kostadinov vs Asparuh Totev