Update 28.01.2020


2019 WAF Congress majority voted and approved the rules regarding the rival organizations IFA/PAL/URPA. 

Following are the decisions  taken.

“17.1. Members of WAF, their athletes, officials, management and personnel cannot be affiliated to, occupy positions or participate in other Armwrestling or Para-Armwrestling Federations / Organizations / Companies of any kind, cannot practice competitive/similar to WAF’s activities.

17.2. WAF and WAF Members disciplinary decisions / actions taken against persons / organizations / companies or events interfering at national or continental level with the WAF Members will extend to all WAF Members and must be considered as a worldwide applicable decision.

17.3. In case of non-observation of clause 17.1. and/ or 17.2. WAF has the right to give the member a period of 14 days for the breach to be suspended. In case upon expiration of this period the breach is not suspended WAF has the right to suspend the membership or dismiss the member country.

17.4. WAF has the right to claim compensation for damages for non-observation of clause 17.1. from the offenders.”

Proof of participation in IFA/PAL/URPA events are the official results of the events.

WAF Referees refereeing in IFA, PAL or URPA events lose all WAF Certifications and grades (if exists).





Update 05.03.2019


WAF Executive Board Decision

PAL/URPA Events Ban

Following debates and decisions taken about PAL/URPA,

WAF World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) Executive Board decide that any of the WAF Members National Federations, leaders, officials, athletes and referees who have any agreements or relations with PAL/URPA and/or attend to PAL/URPA events will automatically receive the status “Not in good standing” and will be suspended by WAF with no right to attend WAF events.

Voted with the majority of votes,

WAF Executive Board


Решение Исполнительного совета WAF

Запрет на мероприятия PAL / URPA

После обсуждений и решений, принятых в отношении PAL / URPA,

Исполнительный совет Всемирной Федерации Армрестлинга (WAF) принимает решение о том, что любой из национальных федераций членующих в WAF, их лидерам, официальным лицам, спортсменам и судьам, имеющим какие-либо соглашения или отношения с PAL / URPA и / или участвующих в соревнованиях PAL / URPA, автоматически будет вменен статус «Не легитимен» и они будут отстранени Всемирной Федерацией Армрестлинга от участия в мероприятиях WAF.

Принято большинством голосов

Исполнительный совет WAF





Clarification regarding PAL/URPA

World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) would like to inform all referees certified by WAF or certified by WAF members at national level that, they can referee at the events organized only by WAF, WAF Members, Sanctioned by WAF events or sanctioned by WAF Members events in their country only following the official WAF Rules available on

WAF declares that PAL / URPA events are not organized under the WAF Rules and Regulations (including antidoping rules) and until further communications any attendance of WAF Referees or WAF Members on those events can lead to sanctions.

WAF and its members are continuously investing in the athletes, athletes education, antidoping education, antidoping testing, referees education, training, evaluation, developing and certification at the international and national levels.

Professional armwrestling should not interfere with amateurs events like SenecHand and others where new young athletes are expecting to compete in a fair and clean way according with the WAF standards.

Professional events should continue their commercial format (Top8, Vendetta, Armfight, Zloty etc) selecting competitors from the Elites of armwrestlers and not from the amateurs where education on a clean sport is vital.

WAF is organised in a pyramid structure, with the WAF as the sole and exclusive international governing body, one Continental Federation recognised for each continent, and one National Federation recognised member of the WAF as the sole and exclusive national governing body for each country where the armwrestling is played.

This pyramid governance structure it is used by all major sport international federations ant it is necessary to protect and promote armwrestling enabling WAF, the Continental Federations and the National Federations to ensure the uniform application of rules wherever it is played and to hold all participants under WAF rules designed to protect participants and/or to preserve the integrity of armwrestling, in a fair and transparent fashion.

WAF Executive Board