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The Australian Armwrestling Federation is an organisation dedicated to the growth of the exciting sport of armwrestling within Australia. With the primary aim of achieving mainstream recognition and the status of a true strength sport, the organisation is working constantly to hold and promote armwrestling competitions of the highest possible level throughout Australia.

Armwrestling is a small but rapidly growing sport in Australia. Australia was represented for the first time at the World Championships in Gdansk, Poland in December 2001. There were around 800 competitors from 29 countries at these championships. The Australian Armwrestling Federation (AAF) is the governing body for the sport in Australia and was formed in March 2001. The AAF is affiliated with the World Armwrestling Federation. It is the mission of the AAF to develop armwrestling as a sport in Australia using WAF sanctioned rules and weight divisions. The AAF is looking to promote tournaments in all states to qualify competitors for National Championships and to send teams to international events including World Championships and possibly the Olympic games.

As an instantly recognisable and familiar test of one’s strength, arm wrestling can and certainly does appeal to a diverse range of people, both men and women alike, irrespective of age, fitness and strength levels.

It is a sport of the people, accessible to all who wish to be involved, and if the interest shown in the sport over the last three years within Australia is anything to gauge things by, its rapid growth is something that will only continue to increase in the coming years.

Armwrestling competitions are extremely fast paced and exciting, creating an atmosphere of intensity and power almost unrivalled by most other combative strength sports. This intensity generated by the competitors feeds quickly into the spectators creating a thrilling and involving event anyone who witnesses it. These events are truly electric at their very best.

On an international level, armwrestling events are truly a spectacle to behold, and draw attention from mainstream media along with incredibly large crowds and diverse crowds for a strength sport. If recent events in Australia continue to grow in the way that they have throughout 2012 and the beginning of 2013, then there is no reason as to why armwrestling will not see itself thrust into a brighter sporting spotlight in Australia, a spotlight it enjoys readily across the USA and Eastern Europe.

Armwrestling in Australia is now primed to assert its status as the most accessible, intense, and exciting of all the strength sports!


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