General terms and conditions for media accredited to WAF championships

The copyrights of WAF events belong to WAF.



Accredited photographers are non-rights holders and they must accept:

– they will use the content only for news purposes;

– they must provide (upload) to WAF Flickr account at least 100 HQ pictures per event;

– upon WAF request they must give a HQ copy of any photo taken within the event;

– they must not use the photos for commercial purposes. The rights for commercial use of photographs belong to WAF (


The video and audio broadcasting rights of WAF championships as well as the live scoring and statistics belong to WAF.

All TV broadcasters interested in acquiring TV rights should contact (

Accredited non-rights holding media will not be allowed to film any game, pre- or post-game action as well as any other video and audio content unless specified below. They may not publish live scoring or live still images online.

Accredited non-rights holding media shall not be permitted to make live commentary or broadcast from anywhere within the venue.

Following the end of the game, non-rights holding media may film and broadcast interviews conducted only within the Interviews Zone as well as the post-game press conference.